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Myth 1: Carbs are bad
and need to be avoided to lose weight and stay healthy.

Fact: Carbs in the right form are essential
​​​​​​​to weight loss and health.
Carbs of the Right Kind Can Actually Help with Weight Loss and Our Health
The reality is that carbs are the body's main fuel source and essential for brain function. Carbs in the wrong form, like candy, pastries, chips, are often the culprits for weight gain. These foods tend to get overeaten. Carbs in the right form can help with weight loss and health because they make us feel fuller and have certain vitamins that cannot be found in other foods.

Try these easy strategies to increase the good carbs next time you do your weekly grocery shopping:

o Buy 1 extra piece of each type of fruit you normally eat.
o If that candy, pastry or chips is a favorite, buy only enough to last for 3 days or less. The rest of the week you won't have any in the house to eat.
o When arriving home, place the fruit on the counter within easy reach, and the candy, etc., on a top shelf out of reach.

See you tomorrow with Myth 2 where we discuss the myths of snacking.
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