LIFT Fitness®
Myth 2: Avoid snacking
to lose weight and stay healthy.

Fact: Type of snack matters
​​​​​​​and portion size.
Snacking of the Right Kind Can Actually Help with Weight Loss and Our Health
The reality is that if we avoid snacking and there is a lot of time between meals, our bodies start thinking we aren't going to eat, and as a protection mechanism it starts storing as much fat as possible. Then when we do eat, we are so hungry that we tend to overeat.

Avoid this trap and try these foods for a great snacking strategy:

o Nuts
o Apple and cheese
o Banana and peanut butter
o Hard-boiled egg
o Celery and peanut butter
o Slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter

See you tomorrow with Myth 3 where we discuss the myths of eating out.
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