LIFT Fitness®
Myth 3: Avoid eating out
​​​​​​​to eat healthy or lose weight.

Fact: It's about making right choices
​​​​​​​and watching portion size.
Eating Out Gives Us the Chance to Try Fun and Healthy Foods We Normally Might Not Cook for Ourselves.
The reality is that the food most good restaurants serve is healthy. It's the portion size and extras that can derail our health and weight loss plans. With consumers wanting value for their money, the portions are often 2-4 servings, with sauces and dressing over-poured. Meaning, we tend to consume more calories than we otherwise would. 

Try these 3 easy strategies to stick to your health and weight loss plans while eating out:

o Ask that food be cooked with very little butter or oil.
o Ask for any sauces or dressings to be put on the side.
o Have the server bring a take-out box with the meal. Put half the portion into the box to take home before starting your meal.

See you tomorrow with Myth 4 where we discuss losing weight without exercise.
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