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Myth 4: You Don't Need to Exercise
to lose weight.

Fact: Exercise builds Muscle increasing calorie burn
​​​​​​​even at rest.
Weight-Bearing Exercise Builds Muscle and Bone Density, Increasing Our Body's Capacity to Lose Weight, Keep it Off, and Protect Our Bones from Injury and the Effects of Aging.
The reality is, although we can lose weight without exercising, not all weight loss is from excess fat but from muscle and bone density, putting our health at risk from bone fractures and development of such diseases as osteoporosis. 

Keep strong healthy bones and increase calorie burn by taking these steps:

o Start by getting at least 30-minutes of aerobic activity 3 times per week.
o If 30-minutes is too much, break it up into 10-minute segments to start.
o Add weight-bearing exercise at least 2 times per week. This can be with any kind of resistance such as weights, bands, or one's own body weight. 

Make sure you are cleared by your physician before starting any exercise or program.

See you tomorrow with Myth 5 where we discuss the myths about aging and the slowing down of metabolism.
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