LIFT Fitness®
Myth 6: Totally eliminate sweets
to successfully lose weight and stay healthy.

Fact: It's about limiting rather than depriving ourselves
​​​​​​​of the sweets we enjoy.
  Slowly Limiting the Amount of Sugar We Eat Is an Easier and More Successful Way of Reaching Our Long Term Weight Loss and Health Goals.
The reality is that total elimination of something we like is very difficult to sustain for a long period of time. Eventually we give in and often end up consuming more than we should because we've starved ourselves of it. And, one of the reasons we crave sugar is that it releases the chemical dopamine, which makes us feel good and leaves us wanting more. That's why it's easier to limit rather than eliminate.

Try these simple strategies to slowly limit the amount of sugar eaten:

o Add whole sweet fruit to cereal instead of sugar. Strawberries and blueberries are great choices.
o Eliminate just one processed treat from the pantry, like cookies for example.
o If soda is a preferred drink, throw out just 1/4 of it before starting to drink. 

See you tomorrow with the final Myth 7 where we discuss the myths surrounding fat burning foods and a low fat diet.
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