LIFT Fitness®
Myth 7: Eat low fat and fat burning foods
to lose weight and stay healthy.

Fact: Type of fat matters
​​​​​​​and no food burns fat.
Fat of the Right Kind Can Actually Help with Weight Loss and Our Health
The reality is that our body needs fat just like protein and carbs. Fat along with carbs are the body's main fuel source. If we consume too little it puts our health at risk. Two problems with fat: many low-fat processed foods replace fat with sugar for taste, and fat of the wrong kind can derail our weight loss and health efforts. 

Include the good fats, the Omega 3's, into the diet by using these 3 easy strategies to start:

o Plan at least 1-2 dinners where a fatty fish is the main event. Some of these include salmon, tuna, flounder, halibut.
o Plan at least 3 meals where a leafy green vegetable will be your side. Some of these include spinach, kale, Brussel sprouts.
o Include a handful of nuts or seeds as part of your snack several times a week.

Hope you enjoyed these 7 myths. Take action now on the strategies I've given to help reach your weight loss and health goals.
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