If so, there is an easier and quicker way of getting the expert help you need...and without disrupting your career by spending hours in the gym.
For a small number of people, I'm offering a 3-month individualized one-on-one live training solution to help you achieve your goals with limited time.
Hi, I'm Therese and I own LIFT Fitness®. Just like you I was a busy professional struggling to stay in shape with the demands of my career and family. I had to find a easier way to keep healthy and fit through the chaos. I spent an entire career (sitting in an office or traveling) and decades trying to find what worked.

After losing over 20 pounds and eventually graduating with a Master's degree in exercise science, I started helping others through short one-on-one, live and online personal training sessions. I've spent the last 8 years helping others get and stay healthy and fit. 

I know from my own experience how important it is to have both the energy and the time to do a good job at work and spend quality time with friends and family.
If you're busy working, have other demands, and need to improve your fitness level, I'd love to help! I've opened up just 15 slots for professionals like you to help over a 3-month period.
While I normally create fitness programs for people to do on their own, I wanted to get back to working with a handful of committed individuals. This is individualized attention that you'll get, along with a plan that is easier to do, regardless of your work, commute and other commitments. This is for professionals who want to the learn to effectively work out with limited time, lose 10-25 pounds, or generally get more fit without having to go to the gym for personal training. In this, you'll get:
1-2 online weekly personal training sessions via live video (30 minutes - that's all it takes!)
A downloadable workout to complete in between our live sessions (based on your personal goals and time)
(BONUS - an update to the workout plan after our initial 3 months)
Personal email and text access for any questions or concerns
Pre and post fitness assessments
Meal planning guidance
Weekly recipes (adjusted to your preferences)

If you are ready to make a change, and believe this type of personal fitness training can help you, provide your name and email below and I'll be in touch to discuss further how I can help.
We at LIFT Fitness® are committed to keeping your information private and will never sell your information.
Disclaimer: Make sure you are cleared by your physician for exercise, and modify exercises and recipes accordingly. Medical or nutritional information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You release LIFT Fitness® from any liability by participating in this or any program. Click here to review important disclaimers, terms, and conditions or program participation.