Work-it-Hard Customized Exercise Plans

Work-it-Hard Customized Exercise Plans


• Multiple, customized workout plans designed for 3-months.  Customized to your goals, needs and time availability.
• In-depth review of a short, personalized transformational fitness questionnaire to fine-tune the right plan for your goals and needs.

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For even more personalized service on your customized exercise plan, add 2 live and fully-guided personal training sessions, one during your first month and one during your third month, with one of our certified personal trainers for only $119, a savings of ~40%.

*Also consider upgrading to the Work-it-Harder level, which includes an assessment session and a mid-way session with a trainer!

If you want to upgrade to the first option above, or have already purchased this plan and wish to upgrade to the Work-it-Harder level, simply emails us at and we will assist.

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