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Work-it-Harder Customized Exercise Plans | Best Workout Home | Customized Exercise Plans | Live Personal & Online Group Fitness Training

Work-it-Harder Customized Exercise Plans

Work-it-Harder Customized Exercise Plans


• Multiple, customized workout plans designed for 3-months.
• In-depth review of a short, personalized questionnaire to fine-tune the right plan for your goals and needs.
• A live online video fitness assessment and demonstration of exercises, conducted prior to you starting your workouts. The assessment helps us fine-tune your plan just for you.
• A live video follow-up midway through your program to check your progress, answer questions and modify your workout as needed.
• Live video sessions and plan development conducted by our Director of Personal Training.
• All plans reviewed and approved by our Director of Exercise Science & Research.

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For even more personalized service on your customized exercise plan, add 2 live and fully-guided personal training sessions, one during your first month and one during your third month, with one of our certified personal trainers for only $109, a savings of 44%.

If you wish to upgrade to the above, simply email after purchasing – info@liftfitness.com.